Lucas M.

Julia Galdo Photography helped me a lot in promoting my business. I am a retailer of bicycles, I was so focused on my business that I actually forgot about marketing and creating my own website. Fortunately, Julia Galdo Photography came to my rescue. They came up with a wonderful idea on how to promote my business online. They took what must be hundreds of beautiful photos. I believe that this is the reason why my business boomed. I now have a very beautiful website thanks to their wonderful photography, a business phone that keeps on ringing and an email inbox that is always full of inquiries.

Megan and Shannon L.

We trusted Julia Galdo Photography to take our wedding photos and videos. They were amazing. We were so happy that they even created an on-site editing of the church ceremony which we showed to the guests during the reception. They were able to capture a lot of the light moments during our wedding, the crying, the faces of our guests, the reactions of our parents, family and friends during the pivotal moments. Truly, they are the best wedding photographer. We recommend getting Julia Galdo Photography for your wedding. They are truly the best.

Rhian H.

I am working for the Climate Change Institute. When we talked about getting a professional photographer to help us showcase the effects of climate change, we turned to Julia Galdo Photography. They helped us in conceptualizing all of the shoots and provided us with a lot of inputs on how to best showcase the hazards of climate change. The team that worked with us were very enthusiastic about our mission. With their wonderful photographs, I think that we were able to paint a complete picture of what’s happening to our planet now and how it affects all of us. Kudos to Julia Galdo Photography!