Julia Galdo Photography

For special moments and milestones, and also for your business needs, professional photography is a must. This is to ensure that you capture life’s precious moments, maintain keepsakes, and promote your business through a professional lens.

Julia Galdo Photography is your best partner in this endeavor. Julia Galdo is well-known in the photography world for her fashion shoots, glamour shots, landscape photography, wedding photography and brand promotion. At the age of sixteen, she got hold of an old DSLR camera that she unearthed from her family’s attic. From there, she became obsessed with photography and went on to attend an art institute where she continued to hone her creativity and her passion for photography. She would photograph everything from dogs at the park in New York to her garage door service in Tempe.

Today, Julia Galdo Photography offers the following services:

Fashion Photography

Julia Galdo has built a reputation in fashion photography. She is well-known for her amazing concepts, shoot preparation and amazing executions. Her clients include the most popular brands in the fashion industry, including the most exclusive fashion houses. If you are looking for out-of-the-box concepts, awesome fashion directing and styling, tap Julia Galdo Photography. We assure you that you will never regret making us your top choice.

Glamour Shots

If you want glamour shots for your life’s important moments, Julia Galdo Photography is the perfect choice. We are open to doing studio shoots or outdoor shots depending on your requirements. We can also cover your events such as birthday parties, graduation, among others.

Wedding Photography

Julia Galdo Photography specializes in wedding shoots. We do not only do photography for weddings but also videography. We are known for our indie and creative styles. Our shots are designed to capture the creative setups of your wedding, featuring portraiture and documentary-type of shots. If you want creative and quirky shots, then we are your best bet. Aside from weddings, we also offer our services for proposals and engagements so that you will be able to get the full documentation of the moments that are close to your heart.

Landscape photography

Landscape photography is how Julia Galdo started her love affair with photography. As such, it is something that is very much a part of what we are. If you want landscape photography that captures the magnificence of nature and the glory of all of its details, then do not hesitate to tap our services. We will be happy to travel with you to capture whatever it is that you want us to get on camera.

Brand Promotion

In order to promote your brand, it is important that you take advantage of professional photography. This is because professional photography is the best way to showcase your business, your products and your services. Julia Galdo Photography will be able to bring out all the best of what you do and the products that you have on offer. We will be happy work with you to create a concept that is most appropriate for your brand.

What are you waiting for? Contact Julia Galdo Photography now to book an appointment for your photo requirements.