Client Stories

Client: Climate Change Institute

Climate Change Institute is a non-profit organization that works towards promoting awareness on climate change issues. They came to us to help them document the effects of climate change. We went with them to Alaska, to the very remote Sarichef Island. Here, we documented the everyday lives of the people of Inupiaq village who are grappling with the reality that their island will soon be washed away by the Chukchi Sea. Here, permafrost is melting at an incredibly advanced phase and soon, Sarichef Island will be no more.

The photos that we have taken of the area and of the people will be used by the Climate Change Institute to lobby for appropriate policies to protect the people of the area as well as other climate refugees.

Client: House of Knits

House of Knits is a very exclusive fashion house that produces quality, artisanal knitted products made by women who were victims of abuse. We conceptualized a photo shoot for the House of Knits which featured the women knitters and weavers and how their craft has empowered them to face life and move forward.

Our photos feature 50 women who have faced different types of abuse and who have faced various psychological traumas. With this photo shoot, we hope to instill hope to other women facing the same issues.

Client: Mr. & Mrs. Shariff Mohammed

This couple had a very traditional and very beautiful Muslim wedding rite. We were fortunate to be the one to have captured their beautiful wedding and all the rites and pageantry that it involved. Here, we present a quirky take on the couple’s wedding ceremony and the corresponding festivities. We hope you enjoy the color, happiness and love that each of the photos showcases. We are honored to be their photography partner in this wonderful moment of their lives.